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Since its founding roughly 35 years ago, Ronald L. Book, P.A. has been influential in the Florida government industry. He and his team are accountable for the billions of dollars in reserves, projects, and prizes coordinated across various endeavours and causes. At the Florida Legislative center, Ron Book company is currently addressing a wide variety of government components, metropolitan areas, and regional states and is widely regarded as one of the most important primary trendsetters in local government depictions. Because of Ron Book's creative approach to dealing with local government portrayals, the association's influence and connections have expanded beyond the Florida state Legislative hall, including city and area legislatures throughout the Daylight State. This has helped the association become more successful.

Ronald L. Book, P.A., a distinguished figure in Florida's government contracting sphere for over three decades, is renowned for securing federal government services. Under Mr. Book's leadership, his team has successfully facilitated the allocation of billions in grants, contracts, and awards for various projects and causes. His firm is recognized as an innovator in local government representation and collaborates with numerous government bodies, cities, and counties throughout Florida. Ron Book & Associates' unique approach has expanded their influence beyond the state Capitol, impacting city and county legislatures across Florida, establishing them as a premier provider of regulatory representation to state government offices and influential local non-profit organizations.

Mr. Book's political career began in the 1970s with his involvement in the Florida State Council. He expanded his expertise by serving as Special Counsel and Head of Regulatory Affairs for Governor Bob Graham. This was followed by a significant period as the associate director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs at the prominent Miami law firm Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Heilbronner & Book, P—a (1982-1987).

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Book has gained invaluable insights into Florida's political landscape through active participation in numerous state-wide political campaigns, including those for governor and cabinet positions and pivotal ballot initiatives. He played a critical role in the '80s Five for Florida's Future campaign and was instrumental in two ballot initiatives (2004 and 2008) that legalized gaming in Florida's pari-mutuel facilities.

Beyond political campaigning, Ronald L. Book, P.A. offers extensive consulting services to various industries, providing strategic planning, business development, and guidance on complex regulatory issues. With a vast network of connections among past and current elected officials and business leaders, Ron Book ensures his clients receive unparalleled advice and support.

Recent Press:

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Ron Book is a Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Ron Book elected to Tulane Law School Hall of Fame

Renowned Attorney Ron Book Inducted into Tulane University’s Law School Hall of Fame

Ron Book Honored by the Florida Bar With Pro Bono Service Award

Hometown profile: Ron Book’s storied travels begin and end in Warren

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