About Me

Ronald L. Book, P.A. has been a leader in the world of Florida government contracting for over 35 years, specializing in obtaining services from the federal government. Mr. Book and his team are responsible for billions of dollars' worth of grants, contracts, and awards allocated to different causes and projects. His firm is viewed as a trendsetter in local government representation and currently works with multiple government entities, cities, and counties across the Sunshine State. Their creative approach to local government representation has increased influence beyond the state Capitol building, extending into city and county legislatures all over Florida. This is one of the reasons Ron Book & Associates remains one of just a few organizations to provide top-level regulatory representation to customers in state government offices and powerful local non-profit organizations.

Mr. Book's involvement with state politics began in the 1970s when he joined the Florida State Council. He later gained first-hand experience in presidential branches of government as Special Counsel and Head of Regulatory Affairs for Governor Bob Graham, followed by a nearly decade-long tenure as associate director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs at the influential Miami law firm Sparber, Shevin, Shapo, Heilbronner & Book, P.A (1982-1987).

Throughout his career, Mr. Book acquired unique and valuable insight into Florida politics through his work on numerous statewide political campaigns, including gubernatorial, cabinet-level, and ballot initiatives. Notably, he was involved with the '80s Five for Florida's Future campaign and two ballot initiatives (2004 and 2008) that resulted in the legalization of gaming at Florida pari-mutuel facilities.

In addition to political campaigning, the Ronald L. Book, P.A. team provides comprehensive consulting services for companies across various emerging and established industries. This includes advice on strategic planning, business development and navigating complex regulatory matters.

Ron Book leverages his extensive network of relationships with past and present elected officials and corporate leaders to ensure that every client receives the best advice possible.