Ron Book
April 1, 2024

Advocating for Policy Change: A Guide to Making Your Voice Heard

Policy change is a crucial aspect of democracy, allowing citizens to shape the laws and regulations that govern their lives. However, many people feel they need help advocating effectively for policy change. Whether passionate about environmental issues, social justice, healthcare reform, or any other cause, understanding the advocacy process can empower you to make a […]

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Leveraging State Lobbying Networks for Effective State Legislation Advocacy
September 13, 2023

Planning a Successful Lobby Day

In advocacy and grassroots activism, few tactics are as impactful as organizing a Lobby Day. This well-orchestrated event offers citizens a unique opportunity to engage with lawmakers and influence policy decisions directly. Whether you’re advocating for environmental conservation, healthcare reform, or any other cause close to your heart, effective planning is the key to ensuring […]

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