Season of Service: Ron Book shares three ways to give back during the holidays

Ron Book

June 27, 2023

Ron Book

‘Tis the season.

Although this phrase teeters on the verge of cliche, it’s a mantra for Ron Book and others worldwide. It is a reminder to spread more than Christmas cheer. After all, the holidays are the season for giving.

Yet it extends far beyond stuffed stockings and presents piled under the tree. Sure, these gestures give all the warm fuzzies. But the real work starts with charity. “Giving” is more than just gifts. Caring, compassion, and kindness can’t be tied up with a bow. But they can have a tremendous impact.

That’s why Ron Book goes all-in when it comes to giving back. But this isn’t just a winter activity. For the Florida-based CEO, charity is a year-round activity.

And he’s a man on a mission. As a lobbyist and legislative leader, he has fought to advance and improve the lives of others daily. Over his 35-plus-year career, Ron Book and his team have raised awareness (and billions of dollars) for key social initiatives like healthcare, affordable housing, and environmental conservation. He continues to wield prominent local, regional, and state influence.

But this isn’t purely a “9-to-5” endeavor. Even off the clock, Ron Book still works for his community. He’s committed countless hours, energy, and effort to organizations throughout the state. The Aventura resident currently chairs the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust. Initially appointed by the city’s mayor, he and the board administer more than $66 million toward ending homelessness throughout the area. He also co-founded the Lauren’s Kids foundation with his daughter. Since its inception in 2007, the nonprofit has worked tirelessly to eliminate childhood sexual abuse through education, awareness, and outreach. The program can be found in more than 90,000 schools across the U.S.

It’s undeniable that Ron Book is fighting the good fight. But there is still plenty of work left to be done. He hopes to encourage others to get involved, even if it means capitalizing on the “season of giving.” With this in mind, the philanthropist presents three primary ways to get involved during the holidays.


You don’t need to make a substantial financial commitment. Even tossing a few extra pennies in the Salvation Army’s red bell-ringing kettles can go a long way. Or, donate online to an established nonprofit like Feeding America. It’s low-effort generosity that can make a world of difference.


Money isn’t the only thing you can spend. Donate your time and energy to your community too. Because of the volume of donations this year, some groups need extra hands to sort through these items. One organization Ron Book chaired in the past was the Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. Visiting a hospital or nursing home facility for some one-on-one time can put smiles on some struggling faces.


Find a cause that’s meaningful to you and get involved. Grassroots efforts in your neighborhood, like canned food or coat drives, are a significant first step. Sometimes it’s not about grand, sweeping gestures. What feels “small” to you may be massive for a struggling family.